Canon MG 5720 Printer Troubleshooting – Step-By-Setup Guide

Even with the latest era now and again technical mistakes occurs in the printer because of the complexities of the device.

Canon printers are known for their quality and longevity. In fact, Canon offers a standard warranty for all its products. But, like any other machine, your Printers may sometime face issues. When problems occur, it is important to troubleshoot your printer to get it fixed. If you are facing Canon MG 5720 printer troubleshooting error and looking for a quick fix to remove this error, then you can follow this guide for easy fix.

Few troubleshooting issues are

Equipment problems of Canon MG5720

  • From time to time device is unable to move
  • There are  strength problems  as suddenly power gets OFF and in different cases, it does not get ON 
  • The system does no longer reply speedily 
  • Printing method troubles like Paper Jams, Scanning troubles or sometimes the printer does not work.
  • In a few instances printer isn’t always functional from the cellphone 

Installation troubles in Canon MG5720

  • Cannot locate the printer on the system
  • Whilst installation message presentations on the computer.
  • Wireless LAN is unable to hook up with the machine 
  • USB  does not connect properly
  • USB doesn’t respond nicely even after connecting
  • The gadget does now not reply when the router is changed or the settings
  • The Administrator Password is  Set for  the unknown machine 
  • Check network facts
  • The manufacturing unit default settings have been restored 
  • MP Drivers doesn’t get installed 
  • The option for smooth PRINT EX does not appear on the display 
  • Updating MP Drivers 
  • There may be no first-rate consequences in printing
  • Printing Does not begin
  • The sluggish manner in printing
  • The printer doesn’t respond
  • The ink  receives jammed 
  • In a few cases, the paper doesn’t come out inflicting paper jams 
  • The printer indicates a paper error in spite of placing the paper.
  • Automatic Duplex printing trouble is likewise troubleshooting 
  • The result of scanning in the printer is not the best.

Few Troubleshoots are:

Canon MG 5720 printer

Printing Does no longer begin

Ensure the machine is securely plugged in and press the ON button to turn it on.

  1. Make sure the system is well linked to a laptop.
  1. Is direct connection enabled?
  1. To print the use of a method aside from the direct connection, disable the direct connection first.

 Using a system with Direct Connection

  • Make sure the paper output tray is open.
  • Make certain paper settings data set for a cassette.

Paper Settings

  1. If printing from a computer, delete useless print jobs.
  2. Is your system’s printer motive force is chosen when printing?
  3. The system will no longer print well if you are the use of a printer driving force for a distinctive printer.
Canon MG 5720 Printer Troubleshooting - Step-By-Setup Guide

Set correct printer port for windows

Ensure the appropriate printer port is ready. If printing from your pc, restart the laptop.

POWER Does not turn  On

1  Press the ON button.

2  Make certain the power plug is securely linked to the machine, and then turn it again on.

3. Unplug the device, leave it for at least three mins, and then plug it and turn it on once more.

If this does not resolve the trouble, touch your nearest Canon carrier center to request a restore.

Can’t communicate with device Following network Settings exchange (home windows)
  1. It could take some time for the computer to attain an IP deal with, or you can want to restart your laptop.
  2. Ensure the pc has received a valid IP cope with, and strive again to find the device.


If you still face any issue. Please take your printer to nearby service center for easy and fast solution. You can check warranty here. If your printer is still in warranty. You good to go.

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