Canon PIXMA G1010 Review 2022 – After using 2 Months


Canon PIXMA G1010 is one printer that ticks both the boxes of being affordable for buying and cost-effective in operation.

It is light in weight and tight at doing regular prints at the optimal quality, which easily rivals and outpaces some of the most professionally done printing work in the market. Considering its range, it also carries some features, including software that complements its printing technique and helps the user achieve high-grade results without burning the brunt of high costs.


  • Easy to spot Ink levels
  • Multiple paper-type inclusively
  • Heavy-duty


  • Single-function only
  • Perishable Ink
  • Bulky in size

Cost-effective upon purchase and cost-effective in the long run are two aspects that rarely coexist in a printer these days.

With the explosion of electronic gadgets in the market as their demands rise in our day to day life, printers have become quintessential for the livelihood of several businesses and operations which require material to be imprinted upon many sheets of paper daily, including newspapers, magazines, brochures, hoardings, signboards, flyers, forms, books – you name it and printing has it down.

As a process that is so widespread, printing has also grown equally easy and accessible by a large number of people thanks to Canon’s affordable and lucid-designed PIXMA series of printers, and in particular the Canon Pixma G1010.


  • Long-running ink supply
  • Best for Photography
  • Fast and efficient prints
  • Detailed printing


Canon PIXMA G1010 indeed has some cool features. Let’s have a look at the various features the printer has to provide.

Long-running ink supply

With one refill of the 135 ml black ink and the 75 ml each of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow inks lasting for over 7,000 sheets worth of prints, the printer promises a long-running supply which can be pretty beneficial for daily requirements of printing work.

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Easy to monitor ink levels

With its integrated composition of the arrangement of ink tanks, they become easily visible to the user from the front of the printer chassis. As a result, monitoring levels of inks becomes highly convenient.

Ideal for photographic printing

With various types of paper textures printable in this device, including photographic glossy and matte sheets, the printer is ideal for an affordable source of quality photographic prints, which also happen pretty fast. This is evident because the printer takes a mere 60 seconds to print a full-page photograph without any borders whatsoever.

Fast and efficient prints

The printer can easily print a multitude of sheets at extremely high speeds of 8.8 ipm and 5.0 ipm for monochromatic and coloured prints, respectively, hence making the printing process quicker without losing its quality.

PC Connectivity

The Canon PIXMA G1010 can begin print operations by connecting to desktop or laptops containing one of the most renowned operating systems, namely, Windows, with some selected versions compatible and functional. I’ve posted Step-by-Step guide to setup WiFi in Canon G1010

No effect on electric billings

The printer consumes a minuscule of 0.1 kWh of power in its operations, with a maximum of 11 W consumed while printing. This makes it highly viable for home usage without proving to be too costly in terms of electricity expenditure.

Sturdy paper handling

The paper tray present in the printer can stack up almost 100 sheets of A4-sized papers, 80 sheets of high-resolution paper, 20 sheets each of photographic paper of matte, as well as glossy textures and 10 Envelopes each at once, making it highly reliable for continuous and non-stop printing processes.

Detailed printing process

With its 1,472 ink nozzles, each designated for spraying high-grade ink with minute preciseness to make sure each gradation of every colour involved in the print gets displayed in its full vibrancy and utmost glory, the prints come out extremely professional in looks and sky-high in quality, sometimes easily rivaling more expensive printing work done at studios.

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1 Year Warranty

The printer comes with a warranty extending to one year from the day of the printer’s purchase, in which the printer’s entire body is covered. The consumables like the ink and cartridges are not part of this warranty and need to be replaced with charges if need be, even if they fall within the warranty period.



Pixma series’ G1010 model is a marvel without a doubt, with its slew of advantages over other printers in the market makes it a very attractive product to put your money on. A few highlights of the product are mentioned underneath, which make it highly viable for a purchase: –

  1. The printer’s 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution allows it to produce extraordinarily dexterous and finely polished printed works, making this investment genuinely worth the money.
  1. The printer comes with the PosterArtist Lite software, which, when used in tandem with this product, can produce stellar results in the forms of posters, flyers, brochures, small hoardings, charts, and various other print work.
  2. The printer’s self-cleaning technique of getting rid of the dust, small particles, and other blockages in its nozzles to ensure it works smoothly, in the long run, is hugely beneficial for users as they don’t need to worry about printer maintenance a lot.
  1. The printer’s ability to take in papers of various textures and sizes makes it highly viable for usage in a wide variety of ways in innumerable start-ups, businesses, and even operations working from home.


A few disadvantages do exist in the Canon PIXMA G1010 regarding its design and functioning, which are highlighted underneath : –

  1. Other printers have multi-functionality in the same range as this printer, making it a bit underwhelming.
  1. The printer’s self-noise is too high at 54.5 dB, which may prove to be grating for the ear sometimes.
  1. The printer is not functional on Macintosh Operating Systems.
  1. Wireless connectivity is also unavailable with this printing machine.
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Compared to Canon G2020 and Canon G1020

When compared to Canon G1020, I found no major difference. Both have same design and print speed. Although Canon G1020 is an upgraded model on Canon G1010. However, If we compare it with G2020, we’ll find a better printing speed in compare to these two 10s series.



Canon PIXMA G1010 is simplistic, affordable, and highly versatile in its functioning. It is undoubtedly a gem of a product that would prove to be a fantastic investment for anyone with small businesses or whose usage is limited to home-based operations.

The printer is slightly reductive to work in a vast professional environment as it lacks some features prevalent in other printers of the same price range.

However, that doesn’t negate the printer’s ability to produce professional-grade content and give much more priced printing machines and systems a run for their money. So, Canon PIXMA G1010 is certainly worth giving a try, as its various utilities are efficient enough that it won’t disappoint you in its long-lasting performance.

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