CANON PIXMA G1020 REVIEW 2022 – Best Affordable Printer

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The Canon PIXMA G1020 is a compact and affordable All-in-One. It’s a great choice for home use, businesses, and students. Check the Canon PIXMA G1020 review and comment if you agree with me 🙂

A very iconic quote by Henry Thoreau says, “Before printing was discovered, a century was equal to a thousand years.” There is immense gravity in these words, as they stand true to date.

Life without printing is unimaginable – as the utility and skill of printing are quintessential in the working of numerous wings of the modern corporate world and media! From the smallest of business-oriented cards to the largest of billboards worldwide, the value of print is a permanent effervescence, always relevant in some form or the other.

This makes it very important for the machines used for printing to be durable enough to catch up with the ever-rising demand for printed products and fall within the budget of a typical homemaker, thereby being accessible to all wings of society. Canon’s Pixma G1020 is the silver streak that genuinely brings this change. It is an upgraded model of Canon PIXMA G1010.


  • Wallet-friendly inking
  • Easy to setup
  • Variety of papers printable


  • Relatively heavy
  • Inevitable ink waste in the self cleanup
  • Prone to overheating

Japan’s contribution to the technological progressiveness of the world is undeniably eminent. Their iconic company Canon, which deals in printing machines, photographic equipment, and other digital hardware, is a prime example. With their Inkjet printer series named “PIXMA,” they have launched numerous great models of printers which are easy on the expenditure and hard at work. Pixma’s model G1020 carries that legacy forward with some cutting-edge features that define its quality truly. Time to have a look at some of them.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy Refilling
  • Robust


  1. Easy to maintain
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 G1020 has an immensely convenient system of getting waste ink out of its design and keeping it clean and tidy through the maintenance tray behind the printer’s chassis. It is detachable and hence can be easily replaced within minutes and checked regularly with no hassle whatsoever.

  1. Cost-cutting ink run

The inks involved in the printing process are the most significant cost-cutting factor of the printer. Comfortably running for printing operations for 7,700 pages with the blank ink alone 7,600 pages with colored ink, refilling the inks is the one thing the user would have no worry about for a long time!

  1. Easy Refilling process

Even when refilling the ink bottles is required, it is highly convenient to the user as each ink has a specific, uniquely designated slot for their insertion in the printer. Hence, the chance of mix-ups of any kind is minimal, making it further lucid and convenient for the user. 

  1. Grain-free results

 The printer promises no pixelation and blurred grain to appear on the printed result, as it can print at resolutions as high as 4800 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi), making prints smooth, vibrant, and crisply coherent.

  1. Faster than your expectation

 Ideally, inkjet printers, at their best, can still take up to a couple of minutes to finish off a color-heavy printout process. Canon Pixma G1020 promises to finish the job within a short span of 45 seconds! In images per minute (ipm), it fares well again, with a value of 9.1 and 5.0 for monochrome and coloured printing, respectively.

  1. Versatile compatibility with Operating Systems

The printer can be easily worked in tandem with numerous Operating Systems, including multiple versions of the two most popular ones – Windows (with versions 7, 8.1, and 10 as well) and Mac OS (version X 10.12.6 to X 10.15). It can also function with utmost smoothness with Chrome OS. 

  1. Quite Robust

 The robustness and work efficiency of the printer is unquestionable after seeing its Duty cycle value, which is a staggering 3,000 pages that it can print within a month with no glitches in quality and at the expense of a bare minimum amount of electric power. 

  1. Light consumption of power
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 Talking of electricity consumption, the printer is so light that it would bring negligible change to the bill even with regular usage at home. It works on just 15 W when connected to the computer system and just 0.6 W when connected but not in use, making it highly efficient for home-based businesses. 

  1. Noiseless working

Its average noise levels are about 49.5 dB, which can reduce even further when the “Quiet Mode” is used, which makes it very useful in case the user needs to work late at night without disturbing the sleep of their family members.



Canon Pixma G1020 is a gem of a product that will prove to be a boon for its users who have tight budgets and even tighter packed work with it! Here are a few of the best qualities of it which make it highly recommendable from our side: –

  1. The printer’s print speed and output are impressive, no doubt. However, it has an economy mode with which it can print about 38% more papers than usual and with the most negligible effect on quality. This makes the printer extremely economical in the long run.
  1. The A4 size is the standard for printing documents in the professional world. Canon Pixma G1020 can, however, also intake and produce flawless printings upon papers of diverse textures like glossy and matte and ably spray its 1,792 nozzles of ink upon different sizes of sheets, small as business cards to as big as a Legal-sized paper.
  1. The printer is compact enough to be used at home and in small businesses as well. It is an investment that would be pretty economical and utility-filled for them if they have regular printing requirements.
  1. The self-cleaning process of the printer’s ink spraying nozzles has immense utility as it reduces the pressure of maintenance from the user to a large degree!
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While Canon Pixma G1020 is indeed very utility-driven and has numerous cutting-edge features which exemplify a convenient and work-heavy printer, it has a few minor downsides which we believe the purchaser must have in mind before deciding on a purchase: –

  1. The optimal performance of the printer’s ink, according to its website would only last half a year since its purchase.
  2. The printer is relatively heavy for an inkjet-type printer. If needed to move around, it might take a while.
  3. It is a single-function printer, which itself isn’t a drawback but, compared to PIXMA’s other printers in the same range, which have multiple functionalities like photocopying and scanning, it falls behind.
  4. All CMYK colored inks will have to be input in the chassis for the printer to work, even if the requirement is for monochrome prints, rendering it slightly wasteful. 

Easy steps to setup Wi-Fi connection in Canon G1010/20


With its Canon Pixma G1020 model, Canon’s PIXMA series of printers have once again exemplified that they are still in the race with one quality printing machine that can work hard with barely any attention required for its maintenance and least amount of expenditure for its smooth functioning.

While it does incur a few minor ink losses, it is all worth it when seeing the robustness and productivity of the printer’s operation in the long run. It brings more accessibility to the printing process by being a low-budget investment with high-quality results, and hence, it is not a printer to pass by without giving it a try!

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