Canon PIXMA G2020 Review 2022 – Best Ink Efficient Printer?


Are you looking for a printer that is both ink efficient and affordable? If so, the Canon PIXMA G2020 may be the perfect option for you. This printer is designed to help you save on ink costs, while still providing high-quality prints. In addition, the Canon PIXMA G2020 is very easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone who is new to printing.

With a rise in demand for printed products like posters, promotional brochures, flyers, and hoardings, among other items, print has redefined itself from being a niche to an everyday need.

Over time printing machines became more and more accessible and reached from offices and organizations to homes for usage in personal businesses and other miscellaneous events like parties or work-from-home companies. A big hand in this is the Japanese company, which is always ahead of its time, Canon, with its Pixma G2020. I’ve put my honest review about Canon PIXMA G200


  • Fast printing process
  • No-noise functionality
  • Good for home projects


  • Hard to move around
  • Wireless facility not coherent
  • Quality regresses after 6-month usage

Canon’s Pixma series of printers are some of the finest hardware for high-production-value but on low expenditure and convenient usability, making the machine easily accessible to homes with people having no prior experience in printing. Canon Pixma G2020 is a triple-purpose machine meant for printing and incorporating the functions of copying and scanning.

Its sleek design, user-friendly controls, and robust working capability produce professional-grade prints at less than half the price of the large and bulky printers used in the professional world. To see whether the printer truly stands up to all these standards, let us glance at the many features present within this printer model.

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CANON PIXMA G2020 All-in-One Ink Tank

  • LCD Screen
  • Neat Ink Tank
  • Fast
  • Multi-Language


1. LCD availability

The printer’s chassis comes with an LCD screen of 5.08 cm, which appears on the top alongside numerous buttons. It is handy for easy instructions and guides the user about the various processes going on in the machine.

2. Neat ink-tank gradations

 The ink tanks are arranged neatly in a row, with one side visible to the user, making it very easy to detect when the ink levels have dropped and it is time for a refill.

3. Nice printing speed

With a value of 9.1 ipm for black and white prints and 5.0 ipm for coloured ones on an A4 sheet, the printer promises an excellent speed of carrying out the printing operations, making it the optimal choice for printing work taking place day after day.

4. Compact Dimensions

 Measuring about 445 x 555 x 238 mm in dimensions, the printer is relatively compact compared to other inkjet printers of the same range. Hence, it is immensely suitable for home-based work.

5. Versatile OS functionalism

 The printer can function on both Mac Operating Systems (versions 10.12.6 – 10.15), Windows (7, 8.1, and 10) as well as Chrome Operating System.

6. Impressive Resolution value of Printing

The printing resolution at its ultimate value is 4800 x 1200 dots per inch, making it one of the most fine-grade inkjet printers in the market.

7. Easily detachable maintenance cartridge

 The maintenance cartridge of the printer is extremely handy in getting rid of wasted ink and clearing up the printer for long-term service smoothly and efficiently.

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8. Many languages available

 If your first language is not English, the printer and its various instructions and interface are available in several different languages around the globe. It makes the printer suitable for a global audience, and not just the English speakers worldwide.

9. Variety of print-friendly papers

While the A4 sheet is a common standard denotation for the size of a sheet to be used for printing, the G2020 allows for various other types of paper sheets for the equally fantastic quality of printing, including photo paper, glossy sheet, magnetic photo-sheets, and transferrable fabrics as well!



Without a doubt, Canon Pixma G2020 is a cutting edge hardware with several facilities provided by it, making it the best of its kind in the market. A few things which we’d like to highlight are as follows: –

  • Print quality becomes extremely detailed and impressive thanks to the multitude of nozzles spraying ink in different colors and gradations.
  • With a noise level of just 49.5 dB when working on a PC, it is one of the quietest printers. It has a “Quiet Mode,” which can notch down the noisiness further, making it convenient for late-night usage.
  • Its multi-functional interface has numerous utilities for home users, as their trips to the cyber café would reduce tremendously after the coming of this device for either Photostat or standard printouts for school or college projects.
  • It consumes a minuscule of the total electricity of a house or organization, thereby saving money on electricity bills.


Even with its vast array of usages and benefits alike, the Canon PIXMA G2020 has a couple of minor drawbacks which people should keep in mind before they decide to finalize their purchase of the product : –

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1.  Its print speed is inconsistent across platforms like Android or Mac OS due to the difference in connectivity mode.

2.  The printout results of the printer begin to show grainy and faded colour gradients if the ink is not used up within half a year of its original purchase.

3.  Canon PIXMA G2020 is quite compact, it weighs about 6.4 kg and is quite heavy for a home-usage printer. It may be inconvenient to hold and move around a lot.

4.  If the scan and copy functions are not to your requirement, the printer would prove to be unnecessarily bulky for the user. A single-function printer would be better for such users.

5. If your printer do not respond, Try to reset it

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Canon Pixma G2020 is a hit in all aspects of good printers. It is exceptionally work-efficient, with a durable and productive ink supply that would last quite long and is conveniently refillable rather than purchasing a new ink bottle, which can prove to be quite expensive.

It can handle papers of different textures and sizes and hence is excellent for school and college projects and creative businesses like sticker designing, tattoo business, or shirt printing, among others.

Ultimately, it saves money in a lot of aspects. From its initial purchase to its easy maintenance and power consumption – all are easy upon the buyer’s wallet and make work with this printer an affordable affair in the long run. It is undoubtedly one of the best and most reliable printers within its price range!

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