Canon PIXMA G3020 Review – Wireless InkTank Printer


Wireless is the future. Many operations are going wireless, and nowadays, computing through laptops, Television systems, Telephony systems, and mobile chargers have now become cord-free. Same Canon PIXMA G3020 has multi-utility hardware with wireless accessibility.

Q. Why should the process of printing then stay behind? Printing machines for the longest time have been wired, which makes it necessary for them to be physically connected to a computing device like a laptop or desktop for printing functions. However, in today’s changing technological scenario, the printing process has become more accessible, pocket-friendly, and notably, way more wireless.

With the coming of the Canon Pixma G3020, printing has undoubtedly become quite upgraded!


  • Multi-utility hardware
  • Easy ink management
  • Wireless accessibility


  • Temperature-dependent performance
  • Wasteful Self-cleaning procedure
  • Costly refills

Another gem of a product from the Japanese manufacturing powerhouse Canon and their cutting-edge range of printing machines called PIXMA comes the model number G3020, which promisingly provides more volume of printing within less volume of spending, as its close to two thousand nozzles of inks spray judiciously, making sure printing goes the long and productive way, making it a very efficient and wallet-friendly job for the user.

And with all of this, the printer has wireless connectivity, which can make it functional from laptops or desktop devices and even from mobile devices like iPads and smartphones very quickly! Thus the printing process becomes speedier, versatile and highly well-fueled in efficiency and affordability at the same time! Let’s zone into Canon PIXMA G3020’s features to find out what it has in store for its users!


  • Easy Maintenance Ink Tank
  • Easy-to-monitor Ink Panels
  • Cost-Effective


Easy Maintenance Ink Tank

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The printer is equipped with a conveniently refillable ink tank with specific slots for specific coloured ink bottles. Its maintenance cartridge is also easily removable for preventing the accumulation of wasted ink. 

Easy-to-monitor ink panels

 The display panels of the inks are visible on the front of the printer chassis, making their monitoring process in case their levels start drying up very easy and quick.

Quick-pro Printing

 With its almost 1,792 nozzles of ink, this printing machine reproduces the smallest of color curves and gradations with preciseness, that too at a speed of nearly 9.1 images per minute in monochrome and 5.0 images per minute in colour. Thus, the printing process comes off quickly and with a professional aesthetic.

Paper-Texture inclusive

 The printer can create equally detailed print gradations upon papers of different textures, ranging from Glossy to Plain and Matte paper sheets.

Cost-effective inking 

 The ink tank of the printer is profusely effective for reducing printing costs as it runs for over 7,600 pages if the coloured ink is spent on them and about a hundred more than that if black ink is spent.

Sturdy handling of paper

 With its paper tray’s capacity of holding in about 100 papers of A4 sizing, 80 sheets of HR Paper, and 20 sheets of Photographic and Matte paper each, handling heavy printing jobs is no challenge for the G3020!

Multiple OS functionality

 The printing machine can efficiently work with a variety of Operation Systems available, including: –

  1. Windows 7 (SP1)
  2. Windows 8.1
  3. Windows 10
  4. Mac OS X 10.12.6
  5. Mac OS X 10.15
  6. Chrome OS
  7. iOS
  8. Android

Wireless Printability

The printer can be easily connected to any system using a Wi-Fi connection or using OS-specific software like Mopria, Cloud Link, or SELPHY to achieve quality printing, that too, wirelessly!

Follow these easy steps to connect your G3000 series to WiFi

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LCD Display

G3020 comes with a small LCD display, which makes it very convenient for the user to find their way across all the different options of the printer’s utilities, including copying modes and ink selection. 


Canon Pixma G3020 showed numerous potential utilities within its design and functioning, which easily make it a recommendable model for anyone looking for an inkjet printer within this budget. A few of the highlights that we find worth mentioning are mentioned in the pointers underneath : –

  • The printer has a polylingual interface with over 30 languages included, making it extremely useful for organizations and home setups where the user’s first language is not English. 
  • The printing machine runs on a mere 16 W when connected via USB to a computer system, its highest power consumption. It doesn’t impact the electricity bill, making it a very cost-efficient model for usage at home and small investment businesses.
  • The printer can input and create quality prints upon papers of different sizes – including the standard A4, B5, A6, A5, LTR, Foolscap, B-Officio, LGL, M-Officio, Envelopes, and Card-sized sheets of paper.
  • The printing process isn’t merely wireless but also versatile in its connectivity. It allows printing to be possible from various devices like your iPad, tablet, and even your smartphone using freeware which is very convenient to download.


While the printer has a wide array of facilities and attractive features, the printer has very few drawbacks which we think are essential for any customer to keep in mind before considering a purchase of it: –

  1. While the printer is not very heavy, it certainly has a slightly bulky exterior and requires a specific home area to be installed and used consistently. 
  2. The printing results may become smudgy or reduce in quality after 6 months of using the same set of inks.
  3. The printer’s performance also gets impacted by the atmosphere around it. The level of dampness or heat around the printer may alter its results to varying degrees.
  4. If the printer goes out of production someday, its various chassis parts would only be available with an official Canon service centre for not more than 5 years. Thus, it is not a timeless investment and might need to be replaced at some point in time.
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If you are confused, You must check the latest model of Canon G series. It has some cool features with best print quality. The Canon PIXMA G6050 is one of best in G series. Although after Canon G3020, an upgraded model was launched and it was named PIXMA G3060. Honestly, I found no major difference at all between G3020 and G3060.


Canon Pixma G3020 is undoubtedly a revelation in the world of printing! Its marketing as a printer which makes the printing process cheaper and simpler, is true to its word. It most certainly is not very portable to carry around and still requires to be stationed, but with its wireless printing technology, it doesn’t need to have a PC connected to it anymore.

One may give a print command to it from a different room using their mobile device, and it would work like a charm.

Canon PIXMA G3020 is recommended for those who have regular work with printing involved, like advertisers, campaigners, and even homemakers who might want to promote their businesses, as it doesn’t incur any high costs on power consumption and gives a long, durable, and high-quality printing performance which surely wouldn’t disappoint you.

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