Canon PIXMA G3060 Review 2022


Canon PIXMA G3060 Review: Printing technology brought a revolution to the world when it was first invented. That revolution only kept developing until it became an integral part of the professional world – from businesses to media and the medical world alike.

With this revolution, however, print brought pressure upon numerous challenges. It still takes time, energy, and a big punch on your wallet to get a few wedding cards with calligraphic print or just a poster to promote your business.


  • Negligible Noise
  • Impressive Output
  • Multiple Utilities


  • Ink-level displays inconsistent
  • Heats up quick
  • Bulky

Without a doubt, Printing machines have advanced, but there’s still a drought of efficient, durable, and affordable options in the market. This was until came Canon Pixma G3060, which proved to be a game-changer of the world of print!


  • Lightning-fast Printing
  •  Productive Cartridges
  • Multi-connectivity 
  • No-Wastage Refilling
  • Wattage-efficient

Japan, often called the technological capital of the world, is home to one of the finest companies to exist which churns out one innovative product after another – CANON, whose Pixma range of printing machines has another cutting-edge member inline – the Canon PIXMA G3060, which makes sure of your printing needs and requirements, with added benefits of scanning, photo-copying and fax as well! In its price range, this inkjet printer easily stands out for its vast output productivity.

its cartridge efficiency, and consequently, its cost-effectiveness for you to be able to afford it and use it in the long run! Pair it up with Canon’s EasyPrint App, and you’d easily be able to print right from your smartphone as well. G3060 is multi-utility hardware that can genuinely sail you through many jobs with ease. Let’s take a little glance at what its features really hold.

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  1. Lightning-fast Printing

 G3060 is the easy winner for those looking for speed as it prints out a full-coverage result on a 4×6 inch sheet in a mere 45 seconds. For other documents, it may print about 6 images per second in coloured format and 10.8 images per second in monochrome format.

  1.  Productive Cartridges

 The four cartridges of the printer – Black, Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta, can print out about 7,600 pages in colour and 7,700 in monochrome, showing much higher productivity than cartridges of other printers in the same range.

  1. LCD Facility

 The printer has a small LCD screen available with numerous options to make its usage user-friendly and easy to understand all its operations.

  1. Paper insertion capacity

 About 20 sheets of Matte or photographic paper, 80 sheets of High-Resolution paper, and over 100 sheets of A4-sized papers can be inserted in the printer’s paper tray at once, making it apt for regular printing work. 

  1. Multi-connectivity 

 The printer can be connected to multiple devices for versatile and convenient printing – including cameras (using Wireless LAN), smartphones (using Canon’s Print Service), and tablets (using PIXMA Cloud Link). Read here to setup WiFi in Canon G3000 series

  1. No-Wastage Refilling

 The cartridge bottles and slots for this printer are uniquely designed such that each colour’s bottle would fit in its unique slot, hence removing the issue of colour exchange in ink bottles. The Refill process is also automatic and thus dramatically reduces chances of spillage and ink wastage.

  • Multi-OS friendly

G3060 can work on numerous OS services, some of which include: –

  1. Windows – 10, 8.1, and 7 (SP – 1)
  2. MAC OS – 10.12.6 to 10.15
  3. Chrome OS
  1. Wattage-efficient
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With just about 15 W of usage at its optimal usage, the printer runs on a minuscule of 100 to 240 V, making it fit for use at home.

  1. Polylingual interface

 The printer can be operated and worked in over 32 languages, making it extremely useful for Multinationals and work-stations with most non-English speakers.


This printer has various facilities whose provision makes it highly recommendable. Some of which have been enlisted underneath: –

  • The printer inks remove dirt particles and bubbles of air from their nozzles through a self-cleaning process which eliminates the worry of maintenance of cartridges from the user.
  • The printer gives grain-less, crystal clear prints with even the minutest of colour transitions imprinted on the paper with 100% accuracy through its numerous ink nozzles, precisely numbered 1,792.
  • Its various peripheral utilities, namely the scanner, the fax, and the photocopier, are all equally energy-efficient as the printer itself, making them all useful for home or small business processes.
  • Its average noise levels are about 51 dB. The printer also has a “quiet mode,” which further reduces the noise levels, thereby making sure late-night work will not cause trouble to people’s sleep.


Aside from the printer’s utilities, it had a handful of shortcomings that also should be kept in mind before buying it: –

  • The printer is prone to overheat and may function less effectively when the weather is rainy and damp or scorching.
  • While its refilling is waste-free, its cartridge nozzles may lose some ink during the process of cleaning itself up.
  • It is pretty bulky and requires some space to be specially designated for it.
  • Its ink-level displays are shown with variations according to the device, making it confusing for users to monitor the levels of inks in their cartridges.
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Canon PIXMA G3060 vs Canon PIXMA G3020 – Comparison

Not much of difference. Canon G3020 is an older model of Canon G3060. When compared both performed well and had approximately same results. They both have same features too. Although, It was a newer model so Canon made some minor upgrades. The Canon G3060 max print speed is 10 and Color print speed is 6.


Canon PIXMA G3060 is a multi-functional printing device that is light on your wallet and heavy-duty on the work you will use it for! Other than its overheating issue, which can quickly be resolved by keeping it in a cool and dry place, it indeed doesn’t disappoint in any aspect.

Utility, productivity, and cost-effectiveness are the three things it promises to each of its buyers and hence, knocks out all its competitive printers with its easily accessible hardware and affordable cost at the time of purchase as well as in the long run with its power-efficient model making it very suitable for long-duration printing operations.

With minimal wastage occurring, the printer guarantees top quality results with its 1,792 nozzles at work to produce accurate representations of digital documents, art, and imagery, it proves its worth as one of the best inkjet printers within its range in the market.

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