Canon PIXMA G570 Review 2022


Are you planning to set up your office space and need a printer that does the job well at a reasonable price? Do not worry because the Canon Pixma G570 has got you covered!

The Canon Pixma G570 is a single-function ink photo printer. Its design enables it to print large volumes of pages at the cheapest rate possible. After a simple setup, it lets you print images with the convenient device of your choice be it smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc by using the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor apps.

To initialize, insert the print heads and then fill the ink tanks. After that, switch it on and use your gadget to initiate a Wi-Fi connection.

Before you buy a Printer, there are several parameters to assess as per your needs:

  • Quality: Image quality can make or break your prints. If you are just using the Printer for billing and invoices, settling for a printer with lesser image quality is understandable. Whereas if you work for a photo studio you should choose a printer that can print high-quality images with myriad colors.
  • Speed: The printing speed of a printer is a very integral factor to consider before buying a printer. If your workspace is a high-traffic area, a slow printer can hinder the process. The printing speed of inkjet printers spans from 1 to 20 pages per minute.
  • Type: People can choose between inkjet and laser printers as per their frequency of use of inks and toners.
  • Connectivity: Wireless connections provide a much more flexible office space to work.

Did you know – You can easily setup Wi-Fi in Canon G570 on Windows/MAC/Linux

Features of Canon Pixma G570

  • Dimensions: The Canon Pixma G570 weighs 5.1 kilograms with dimensions of 44.5 cm x 34 cm x 13.6 cm.
  • Type: It is an Ink tank type of Printer which makes it perfect for producing color photos at an initial low start-up cost. Its hardware helps to reduce the cost price without settling for less quality or quantity of prints. Inkjets work by spraying on the paper a jet of ink in a dot matrix. Inkjet papers are more versatile and can print on different kinds of people. Prints are quick since warm-up time is not required.
  • Connectivity: It is a very compatible device and can be connected with Wi-Fi, USB, Airprint, Morphia, PIXMA, Cloud Link, and Selphy. The WiFi connectivity aids in accurate and fast printing.
  • Six variant shades of hues: The Canon Pixma G570 brings you Six colors- Black, Cyan, Yellow, magenta, Grey, and Red which widen the palette to produce dramatic and high-quality pictures with rich color. One set of GI -73 inks comes in the box.
  • Introduces banner printing up to 120 centimeters: This printer can provide you with multiple lengths of pages as per your needs like 4R, A4, and ending with a banner size page of 120 centimeters. The print resolution is 4800 x 1200 dpi.
  • Color-shifting mechanism: While printers from competitors use CMY inks to compose grey color, PIXMA G570 utilizes grey ink to ensure stability in the shades of color and avoid variations.
  • 5.08 cm Mono LCD: The Canon Pixma G570 has a 5.08 Mono LCD that helps establish print settings and browse through different options.
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What we loved in Canon G570 Printer

  • More shades: The new G series of printers discard the four ink system to a six-ink system providing more vivid photos with better accuracy and stability.
  • Convenient: Wireless technology provides hassle-free printing with a portable device.
  • Bulk printing: High page yield of 3800 pages makes it an ideal commercial printing companion.

What we did not like Canon in G570 Printer

  • Jamming: Customers complain of occasional disruptions while printing. The paper gets jammed while printing.
  • Costly inks: After the first set of ink bottles that come along the Canon Pixma 570 are drained you have to buy another batch of inks which can be a little expensive.
  • Not versatile: Canon Pixma 570 is a single-function printer that focuses only on your printing needs and does not provide scanning or copy functions. It loses points on versatility.

Detailed description

Launched in June 2021, the two new incorporations to the canon G series were the Canon Pixma 570 and Pixma 670 models. The Pixma G 670 provides functions such as scan and copy along with printing. Canon Pixma 570 provides only printing. However, the G670 is more expensive than the Pixma G570.

The sleek-looking Pixma is all black in color, compact in size, and lightweight. The power requirement in AC is 100-240 V with a 50/60 Hz frequency. It boasts a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

G570 produces images with an ISO standard print speed of up to 3.9 images per minute. The print volume recommended by cannon is 10.2 x 15.2 cm 4 R photos that make 50 to 250 images. Each print takes approximately 47 seconds to print. Therefore this printer suits all your high page yield needs. The page yield is calculated by the canon individual test method using the ISO/ IEC 29103 chart and continuous printing simulation with the replacement after initial setup.

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Users who want to edit their photos and give a more customized feel can use Easy-PhotoPrint Editor Application for iOS, Android OS, Mac OS, and Windows platforms.

Every ink bottle has a unique design different from each other to clasp its color tank. It prevents the random mixing of colors. The process of refilling the ink is simple and free of any unforeseen spills. It starts automatically and comes to a halt after the tank gets full. Its broad color gamut produces high-quality photos and enhances the contrast to showcase a 3 D look and feel mainly on Canon’s photo glossy papers.

You can remove the maintenance cartridge very smoothly to ensure that there is close to no downtime. It makes it very productive while preventing any hassle of repair or servicing. In short, this printer is the perfect cost-effective tool to have in your office!

The package comes with the printer, six GI-73 color bottles, a power cord, a USB cable, a user manual, and an installation CD. You can ideally use Canon Pixma G570 in your home office, Photo studio, design studio, etc.

Therefore, now that you’ve got to know the A-Z of the Canon Pixma G570 printer feel free to get your hands on one! Coming from a reliable brand like Canon this model screams potential in the field of commercial printing of High-quality 3D pictures with impeccable hues.

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