Canon PIXMA G6050 Megatank all-in-one Printer TESTED

The Canon Pixma G6050 is a multifunction printer with printing, scanning and copying features. It doesn’t have fax, but it offers good photo print quality and a strong scanner.

It’s part of Canon’s MegaTank range of refillable inkjets, which run on bottled ink rather than cartridges. This means low running costs and great photo prints.

Print Quality

The Canon pixma g6050 is a high-quality printer that produces prints with excellent quality. It’s particularly good for text documents, delivering crisp and clear characters in small point sizes.

Color copies also looked a treat, with text and graphics printed with excellent details, sharpness and accuracy. The printer also produced very smooth transitions between colors in fills and backgrounds, without exhibiting any of the subtle banding that sometimes occurs in prints from less office-focused devices.

The Canon pixma g6050 doesn’t have any of the luxuries that you’d expect from a printer in this price range, but it’s still an excellent addition to any home or office. The refillable ink tank system makes ink replacements a breeze and it can print up to 18,000 pages from three black bottles or 7,700 pages from a colour set, which is plenty of printing for most users.



The Canon Pixma G6050 is a decent printer that does its job well, particularly with text documents. It prints quietly and its black pigment ink stands out, giving individual characters a crisp clarity right down to very small point sizes.

The G6050’s copying capabilities are solid too, with mono copies of text produced in about 11.3 seconds and color ones in around 31.2 seconds. There was some banding in the latter, but it was very mild, and the text and graphics in these copies were faithful reproductions.

The G6050 also produced photo scans with good details and accurate colors. However, the scanner resolution has dropped significantly from previous models, offering only 600 x 1,200 pixels.


The Canon pixma g6050 is a great printer that also has a strong scanner. Its scanner is capable of producing very accurate reproductions of both grayscale and color scans, with details retaining in shadow areas.

The scanner also produced copies of documents that were faithful to their originals, though they did appear a little washed out in color and grayscale graphics. This is likely to be due to the lower scan resolution on the G6050 compared to previous models in this line, which offer up to 1200 dpi.

The copy function was also very fast, producing black-and-white copies in 11.3 seconds and color copies in 31.2 seconds. It was a lot faster than the Epson ET-4760, which took 12.8 seconds to make a copy of a black-and-white page and 2 minutes and 16 seconds to make a color page.

Wireless connectivity

The Canon Pixma G6050 has wireless connectivity capabilities that let you connect to a printer from your smart device. It supports AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and Mopria, making it easy to print from an iOS or Android phone or tablet without the need for a computer.

It’s also compatible with the Canon PRINT app and PIXMA Cloud Link, which allow you to connect directly to your printer from your mobile device.

This is a good option for home users who want to avoid the hassle of refilling ink cartridges and have access to a printer that can easily scan, copy and print over wireless networks.

It also includes a two-line LCD display that’s tiltable for better usability. It has a number of buttons to navigate through built-in menus, and there are copy buttons for mono and colour copies.

Canon Pixma G6050 Megatank all-in-one Printer review


With a large ink tank capacity, this ink allows for longer periods of printing before the need for a refill, resulting in lower cost per page and less frequent maintenance. 

The ink also dries quickly, reducing the risk of smudging and allowing for immediate handling of printed materials. Whether it’s for home or office use, this ink provides excellent results and ensures that every print is of the highest quality.

Like other refillable printers, the Canon Pixma G6050 uses a set of bottled inks that come with the machine. These include three bottles of black ink that should deliver 18,000 pages and one bottle each for cyan, magenta and yellow colour ink. The ink is formulated to produce professional-grade prints with vivid and accurate colors, sharp detail, and smooth gradients.


If you’re looking for a printer that can deliver high-quality prints in an eco-friendly way, Canon has some great options. Its MegaTank range is particularly effective at reducing running costs, with its refillable ink tanks offering excellent performance and very low costs per page.

The G6050 is an all-in-one model that can print, scan and copy. It lacks fax capability, but its impressive paper capacity and very low ink costs make it a good choice for heavy users.

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