Canon PIXMA G6070 All-in-one Wi-Fi Color Ink Tank Printer Review 2022

In many other manifested forms, Print has affected our lives and changed them forever. To sustain and universalize this extremely important skill, printing machines had to evolve to become easy enough that even non-specialists and small business people could operate and enjoy high-quality printed products for themselves. And that’s where Canon PIXMA G6070 takes its entry.


  • Poly-functional
  • Wireless Availability
  • Dual-side printing


  • Prone to heating
  • Weighs a lot
  • Ink quality is perishable

Canon PIXMA G6070, one of the newest models of the Pixma series of printers launched by Canon, is quite the sturdy worker. It can produce volumes of pages in excess of 1,500 every month. Its various tiny nozzles of high-quality ink sprayed with permutations and combinations of its CMYK colored cartridges create absolute replicas of the screen onto paper.

Sometimes even better versions of what is visible on screen make sure the user doesn’t have any complaint whatsoever with its sheer efficiency and robustness. If what we said so far is exactly what you are looking for in your printer as well, then feel free to go ahead and check out the various features it encapsulates within itself!

Canon PIXMA G6070 All-in-one Wi-Fi

  • Long use Ink Bottle
  • No-border Printing
  • Diverse Printing at once
  • Spill-Resistant Ink Bottle Design
  • High volume printing at low cost


Functionalities aplenty

This printer does more than what meets the eye. It doesn’t just give you pristine quality prints regularly but also proves to be an excellent scanning machine and a copier, both equally efficient to the printing process.

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Long use Ink Bottles

The bottles of ink that go into the printer can spray high-quality prints upon 7,700 sheets of paper in colours and 8,300 in Black and White, making it extremely long use and quite efficient in the long run.

No-borders in printing

Photography looks best when printed on a whole sheet, with little to no borders to it. Canon PIXMA G6070 can print photographs in their full borderless glory upon numerous types and sizes of papers.

No side unprinted

With its automatic duplex facility of printing, sheets of paper can be printed on both sides in one go with no blanks left.

Variegated Printing Connectivity

The printer allows printing processes to occur not just via connectivity to the memory of a desktop system or a laptop but also through mobile phones and cloud services through software like SELPHY and many others.

Diverse printing at once

With its two different paper input areas, the cassette-shaped front and the paper tray on the rear, printing can take place simultaneously from both ends with papers of different textures and/or sizes at the same time, making the printing process much more variegated and fast.

OS compatibilities 

Canon PIXMA G6070 can work with both Windows and Mac OS, which are two of the most popular Operating Systems in the world around. However, only versions 7, 8.1, and 10 are compatible with Windows, while only OS X 10.10.5 and 10.11 and OS 10.12 to 10.14 are compatible when it comes to MAC.


The printer comes with a warranty of about a 1-year warranty, covering the printer’s main body, while the consumable items used in the printer are not included under it.

Cleaning process 

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The printer has an automated self-cleaning procedure in which the ink nozzles installed inside the chassis of the printer lose some ink to clean themselves up of any grime or dirt, or small particles that could cause blockage to the printer’s spraying system.



The Canon PIXMA G6070 model of Canon’s Pixma range of printers has a multitude of features which make it extremely advantageous to own and highly recommendable from our side as well, owing to the following highlights: –

  1. With its 1,792 nozzles of high-quality inking, the printer guarantees professional-quality results having fine colour-gradation and nearly identical prints to what is seen on the screen, perhaps even better with the ink’s pigmentation.
  2. Its multi-functionality makes it a must-have for people having small internet cafés or Photostat businesses. It can prove to be a reliable source of quick and high-quality prints, scans, and photocopies.
  3. Thanks to its wireless connectivity feature in Canon PIXMA G6070, the printer ensures that the printing process becomes extremely lucid and beneficial for a wide variety of businesses that may work on the GO and, hence, brings accessibility of Print to a bigger audience. You can use easily setup WiFi in Canon PIXMA G6070
  4. The self-cleanup procedure of the printer makes sure the headache of printer maintenance is taken away from the user’s purview, thereby making the printing process paramount with the least time wasted upon other things.


A few pitfalls exist in the printer’s functioning and design as well, which are mentioned hereby: –

  1. With a weight upwards of 8-kilograms, it proves to be quite a hassle to move the printer around and re-settle its position in times of need.
  2. The printer depends on a certain temperature level in the weather around it to function at its best. On a very hot or a very humid day, the printer’s functioning may regress to varying degrees.
  3. The printer cannot work without all its cartridges being installed. Hence, it can be an extra burden financially to purchase all cartridges, even if the requirement is only for the black ones.
  4. While the printer supports borderless printing tasks, they are not possible in all kinds of paper types that the printer can intake, like High-Resolution papers.
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Canon G6070 vs G6050

They both are same. The Canon launched G6050 in UK and the same model with different name (G6070) in Indian. Both of them have similar features and look.


Canon Pixma G6070 can single-handedly challenge other printers and give great advantages over scanners and those bulky photocopying machines within its light and tight chassis. G6070 is certainly a revelation from the Pixma series of printers, as it proves to be a game-changer for affordable printing without a compromise in the standard of printed material.

It works with any device – wired or wireless – and with that, it cements its place in the printing world as one of the most multifaceted and resourceful printers available in the market today. One investment in this printer would last long enough that you would forget when, where and why you purchased this product – you will get used to the perfection it provides. It would become a quintessential part of your professional and/or personal life.

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