Canon PIXMA MG6820 – Wireless all-in-one  Inkjet Printer TESTED


Hey there, Today, I’m here to spill the beans on the Canon PIXMA MG6820 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer. Spoiler alert: it’s not your average printerit’s like the cool kid in the printing block.

The Canon PIXMA MG6820 is a high-performance Wireless Inkjet All-In-One printer with a wide range of features.

The MG6820 provides a slew of useful printing features, including AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and more. The Canon PRINT app makes the PIXMA MG6820 ideal for printing from a tablet, smartphone, or cloud.

The Canon PRINT device allows printing and scanning from mobile devices and popular online cloud services easily. With its handy built-in Wi-Fi4, the MG6820 makes it even easier to print wirelessly 11 from almost anywhere in the house.

This five individual ink tank system allows you to print outstanding images and perfect text documents.


Canon PIXMA MG6820 - Wireless all-in-one  Inkjet Printer TESTED
  • Best for home use only.
  • Multi-Function – Print, Scan & Copy
  • Value for Money.
  • Fast Printing.
  • WIFI Connectivity.


  • Sleek Design That Won’t Cramp Your Style: Let’s kick things off with the looks. The PIXMA MG6820 is sleek, compact, and won’t hog all your desk space. It’s not an eyesore; in fact, it might even upgrade your workspace aesthetics.

  • Wireless: Say goodbye to the cable chaos! This printer plays the wireless game like a pro. Connect it to your Wi-Fi, and voilà, you can print from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It’s like magic, but real.

  • Setup? A Breeze: Tech setup phobia? Fear not! Canon has made the setup process so user-friendly that even your grandma could do it. Just follow the simple instructions, and you’ll be printing selfies in no time.

  • Prints That Pop: Let’s talk prints. The PIXMA MG6820 knows how to make your photos pop. Whether it’s a family pic or your latest masterpiece, the colors are vibrant, and the details are on point. It’s basically turning your memories into tangible works of art.

  • Quiet Operator: Nobody likes a noisy neighbor, and the same goes for printers. This Canon model is surprisingly quiet. No more waking up the whole house when you print that last-minute project at midnight.
  • Fast Printing of Documents and Web Pages:- It has a Fast printing speed of 15.0 images per minute (ipm) for black and 9.7 images per minute (ipm) for colour are available for documents and web pages.
  • Touch LCD screen: This printer’s LCD screen lets you navigate the printer’s menu easily.
  • AirPrint:-  Print from your compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch wirelessly and easily without any use of drivers.
  • Five Individual Ink Tank System:- With five individual ink tanks, you can get vibrant colours and only replace the ink that has run out. Check Canon MG6820 Ink refilling guide
  • Scan Documents:- With a maximum optical resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi.9 , it scans your documents and images. it’s not just about photos. Need to scan or make copies? The PIXMA MG6820 has your back. It’s like a multitasking superhero, but in printer form.
  • Auto Power On:- When you submit a picture or document to be reproduced, this handy feature automatically turns on the printer.


  • Prints, scans, and copies.
  • High-quality photos.
  • Fast photo printing.
  • Duplexer.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi


  • No fax or Ethernet.
  • Lacks an automatic document feeder.
  • Basic LCD

What we Loved

  • In comparison to the competition, photo speed is much quicker, averaging 52 seconds for a 4-by-6-inch print.
  • Easy Wireless Setup
  • It helps us save 50% of the paper by printing on both sides with its Auto 2-side print feature.
  • It can print, scan, and copy your documents.
  • It prints high-quality pictures.

What we didn’t like

  • It shares the majority of the features of the Canon Pixma MG5720 and adds a few more, but still not enough to justify the higher price.
  • It doesn’t have an automated paper feeder.
  • There’s no USB Type-A port, so you can’t print from a USB drive or use a USB cable to connect a PictBridge camera.

I face error B200 & B203. It took me 30 minutes to fix it.


Setup process for Canon MG680 is slowwww!!


Canon PIXMA MG6820 wireless inkjet all-in-one printer is very easy to set up on wifi. Never a single paper jams even when using different thickness paper. It prints very fast, every text is crisp and clear. Though some people face problems while connecting with MacBook. Apparently, Canon doesn’t have the proper software or drivers available for Apple/MacBook. 

Its ink cartridge replacement is relatively inexpensive and also easy to install. 9 out of 10 people likely feel to recommend this printer to their known ones. This all-in-one printer provides outstanding picture quality and quick photo printing, making it an excellent option for home use.

I honestly don’t think they could be any easier to install, and replacement ink cartridges are relatively inexpensive. Their lights also tell you if they are properly installed because they light up. That’s a big improving to install cartridges and then print a test page in order

Let me now tell you about a problem it has, which is pretty common among Canon printers. Text documents can often fail to print properly. The printer will leave white lines all over regular paper if you load it with regular paper and tell the computer to use plain paper.

The problem can be easily resolved. The only thing you have to do is switch the paper type from plain paper to glossy photo paper while previewing the page. It won’t work unless you do that. It did not work after I cleaned the printer and checked the alignment. I would give this game 5 stars if it weren’t for that glitch. I am taking one star off for the fact that even though it’s a straightforward workaround, most people will not know this, and they will have to do their own research. Despite this, the Canon Pixma MG6820 is otherwise excellent.

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