Canon PIXMA Pro 10 Color Professional Inkjet Photo Review 2021


Canon Pixma Pro 10 is the company’s medium-priced professional printer.

The Canon Pixma PRO 10, as the middle-level product in Canon’s professional inkjet photo printer series, strikes a strong balance between price, cost of the ink, and quality of the picture.

Any photographer looking to make high-quality A3+ (13”x19”) prints would find the Pro-10 appealing.

Three monochrome inks in the PIXMA PRO-10 allow you to make beautiful black and white images with smooth tonal gradations.

Check – Drivers for Canon PIXMA PRO 10

The matte black and picture black inks are still available for printing, so you won’t lose ink switching from glossy to matte photo paper.

The Pro-10, like its more extensive and more costly counterpart, uses Canon’s LUCIA pigment ink range, which has a longer print life than dye-based inks like those used in the Pro-100.


  • Photo quality is impressive.
  • Excellent for printing monochrome photos.
  • Text quality is excellent.


  • Can’t print from paper rolls.


  • 10 different color ink tanks: – To make high-quality picture prints, the PIXMA PRO-10 uses 10-color LUCIA ink technology. Three monochrome inks are used for breathtaking black-and-white images. The addition of Chroma Optimizer increases the contrast of blacks in printing, resulting in more natural-looking vibrant colors.
  • Printing of A3+ sheets: – This PIXMA can print up to A3+ scale, allowing you to print your images in their full glory. You would be able to take advantage of its excellent features for the most delicate prints, making it ideal for show prints.
  • Fast printing and high-resolution photos: – The PIXMA PRO-10 uses a 4pl FINE print head ink that delivers 4800dpi print resolution for highly detailed, grain-free photos. You can print an A3+ print in less than four minutes in either color or black and white.
  • Colour matching: – It’s easier to make sure the printed colors match the screen color with Canon’s latest PRO Mode (printer driver color profile). You may use Canon’s Colour Management Tool Pro program to develop custom ICC profiles or fine-tune the printer for even more color precision.
  • Connectivity: – This printer’s Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections make it ideal for use in the home or small studio since it can be used from anywhere. Using Canon’s Easy-PhotoPrint or Apple AirPrint, you can print images directly from your smartphone, tablet, or any apple product.


What we loved

  • The Canon PIXMA PRO 10’s 10-ink system allows it to make excellent, quality prints in a variety of sizes ranging from 10x15cm to A3+ and even 35cm (14″) tall.
  • It has ten different ink tanks with it and can hold a large volume of ink.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity makes the work much easier as you can take the printout of the photos and your documents from any corner or room.
  • It can print on the printable CD, DVD, Blu- Ray Disc, glossy paper and well as on different size of papers [ A3+, A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, Letter, Legal, 25x30cm (10×12″), 20x25cm (8×10″), 13x18cm (5×7″), 10x15cm (4×6″) ]
  • The dye-based inks used by the Canon PIXMA PRO-10 are matte black, photo black, grey, and light grey; yellow, magenta, photo magenta, cyan; photo cyan; and red.
  • The LUCIA pigment-based inks provide strong and inspiring effects with excellent image permanence and consistency.

What we didn’t like

  • The Canon PIXMA Pro 10 is more expensive at first, and it will continue to be more expensive with each print you produce.
  • The Canon PIXMA Pro-10 is comparatively big and occupies much more space on a table.
  • This Printer also does not have an LCD which makes the work a bit complex.
  • It can only handle the cut sheet paper, not the rolls.
  • It does not include a memory card slot.


The Canon PIXMA Pro 10 printer is a behemoth. It comes with ten ink cartridges, nine of which are colored, and a Chroma Optimizer.

They aren’t inexpensive, but they aren’t outrageously costly either, particularly considering the amount of paper you can print through it.

The Chroma Optimizer, according to Canon, is meant to reduce glare and increase color vibrancy, and yes, it also works. Both in B&W and color, the Canon Pro-10 printer delivers exceptionally high-quality photographs.

In Canon PIXMA Pro 10, there are two paper paths available. The rear tray supports sizes ranging from 3”x5” to 12.95”x26.61”, and a manual paper feed (located behind the rear tray) can handle sheets ranging from 8”x10” to 14”x23”.

The Pro-10 has a front-entry CD/DVD printing option with the included holder, in addition to its two paper routes. The automated print head cleaning routine on the Pro-10 helps to avoid nozzle clogs.

Fine detail and tonal gradations seem natural at all scales, even when viewed under a magnifying glass, with no banding or pixilation.

The Canon PIXMA Pro 10 provides a good combination between quality and price. If you’re willing to put in the time to adjust the color settings in your images and put up with the price, the Pro-10 won’t let you down.

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