Canon PIXMA TR7520 Review 2022 – The Best Printer for Home Use


The Canon PIXMA TR7520 is a home office printer that makes it easier to get work completed. With a similar print output and speed to Editors’ Choice Canon Pixma TR8520.

The Canon Pixma TR7520 Wireless Home Office All-In-One Printer is $20 cheaper and comes with a more limited feature set. The small size allows it to fit into small rooms, and its various networking choices make it simple to set up.

The cost-per-print for both black and color printing is very low, implying that the net cost remains low over time. Although the black ink runs out quickly, the color cartridges will print several more pages, enabling you to add a splash of color to your reports or print the odd picture with ease.

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  • Excellent print quality
  • WiFi printing supported
  • Supports all type of photo paper
  • Convenient


  • Sometime Sluggish
  • Lack of duplex scanning


  • 5 Individual Ink System
  • Versatile Paper Support
  • Wireless Printing
  • Excellent Print Quality

Top Features of Canon PIXMA TR7520

  • Five Individual Ink System: In this five individual ink tank system, you need to replace the tank, which runs out of ink, not the whole cartage. Having a five separate ink tank system is a significant advantage of the printer.
  • Versatile paper support: Canon Pixma TR7520 can print on glossy photographic paper and it works with a different range of picture paper types.
  • Wireless Printing: Canon Pixma Tr7520 provides an extensive range of options in wireless printing. You can print by connecting the printer to your smartphone or tablet through WiFi, Bluetooth, Air print, Canon print app, Google cloud print, PictBridge and Mopria Device Printing. This makes it easier for us to print without physically connecting any wire to the printer.
  • 3.0″ LCD Touchscreen: The Canon Pixma TR7520 Provides a 3.0″ LCD Touchscreen that makes our work go more quickly and can be operated with a light touch.

Detailed PROS

  • The quality of printed images is excellent, and the expense of color printing does not increase dramatically over time. Printing in black-and-white is also cost-effective.
  • You can conveniently connect to the Canon Pixma tr7520 printer using the current WiFi network, and Canon’s excellent software helps you to monitor the majority of functions with just your smartphone.
  • CANON PIXMA TR7520 can print on glossy photographic paper, supports most photo paper types, and the results are amazing.
  • This printer’s features like a 3.0″ LCD Touchscreen, 20-sheet ADF, and Auto Power On/Off make copying, printing, scanning, and faxing so convenient.

Detailed CONS

  • Since the black ink cartridge depletes efficiently. It has to be replaced regularly.
  • It’s also sluggish when printing the black and color paper documents.
  • The top file feeder has a hard time bringing in records in a straight line. When the sheet is drawn through, it always becomes bent and the edges get crinkled.
  • The automated document feeder is a significant bonus, but if you need to process large, double-sided documents, the lack of duplex scanning may be challenging.


The Canon PIXMA TR7520 home office printer is the ideal size for having work done in the home office, and this printer does precisely that. It’s designed to manage huge workloads with ease, from printing and scanning to faxing papers and documents.

Thanks to a fast 5-color individual ink device, the PIXMA TR7520 is always ready to print crisp text documents and great-looking images. Its color fidelity is satisfactory and also satisfies the majority of users. You can print beautiful photos and documents on it because you have a front paper cassette and a rear paper tray.

It’s ideal for all of your printing requirements. Along with being fast as a printer, it also connects easily with the devices. With the 3.0″ LCD Touchscreen, you can print from any of your devices via WiFi, Bluetooth, or even the Cloud.

It will print the first page of black paper pretty quickly, but it isn’t any better on subsequent pages.
Although it has an automated document feeder and duplex printing, you still need to put some extra effort into feeding all of the papers into the feeder and then letting them go in. Take the stack and feed them into the feeder again, this time with the other side up.

The PIXMA TR7520 outperforms the HP ENVY Photo 7155 because of a better cartridge system, a sheetfed scanner and a higher photo print accuracy. The Canon PIXMA TR7520’s display console is adequate.

It’s big, touch-sensitive, and has physical ‘Home’ and ‘Back’ buttons to aid navigation. However, there is some lag when browsing the menu, and the monitor isn’t responsive, so you can have to click hard to register an event at times.

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