Canon PIXMA TS307 Printer TESTED – Better than TS207?

The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer is an affordable and easy-to-use device that is perfect for home users. The printer has a sleek, compact design and can be set up in minutes. It prints high-quality documents and photos, and is also wireless enabled so you can print from your mobile device or computer. The TS307 also has a built-in scanner and copier, making it a great all-in-one printer for small businesses or home offices.


Almost everyone who works goes to school or attends college has one or more devices at home. These tools assist people to reduce their inconveniences and work more efficiently. As a result, in this post, we will go more into one such technical product area, home printers.

Most individuals who can afford a printer bought one during the epidemic years when the necessity for managing paperwork, files, and presentations was continually expanding.

Because the majority of today’s individuals are working professionals, they are willing to invest in a nice and efficient printer. The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer is one such effective printer for home usage that individuals may invest in.

If we compare Canon TS307 with the older model TS207 many changes were made. In TS307, Canon added Ethernet port and wireless support. Canon TS307 (2.9Kg) is 0.400 grams heavier than TS207 which was 2.5 kg. Canon has modified the TOP of the printer.

Canon PIXMA TS307 Single Function Wireless Inkjet

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Good Print Quality
  • Easy setup
  • Value for Money

Pixma TS307 is a low-cost printer that produces high-quality printouts. It is a printer that uses cordless ink. This is not the only feature; it was also designed to provide better and more developed physical copies. The printing time is stated to be 65 seconds. For those who are frequently on the go, the TS307 delivers mobility. 

This printer has only one function. The firm provides a 12-month warranty, which is great news for consumers. The unique feature is that you can immediately connect with your smartphone and take copies whenever you want, unlike other standard printers. It is accessible on online buying sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Canon’s internet website, making it easy to acquire the device.


Despite its USB 2.0 connection, the Canon TS307 has a wireless LAN connection and is compatible with mobile and cloud printing protocols such as Apple’s AirPrint, Mopria for Android, and Google Cloud Print. Furthermore, mobile devices can connect to it directly using the Access Point mode.

With its innovative design, it blends all forms and functions. It has a flat-top surface that serves as a document scan table, allowing anybody to simply and efficiently generate high-quality copies with the use of a smartphone. This Wireless inkjet printer is also compatible with Wireless Pictbridge, Mopria, AirPrint, BLE, and Direct Wireless, and has a monthly print capacity of 30

– 100 pages.



  • Wi-Fi connection.
  • Easy set up with app and wifi direct.
  • Quality DPI, print speed, are excellent.
  • Good value for money.
  • Printing speed is 7.7 images per minute


  • Small Cartridge
  • Includes variety of ink tanks.
  • Not easy to install all of the ink cartridges
  • Temperature effect performance.


Canon TS307 is a upgraded version of Canon PIXMA TS207. It has some cool features like Wi-Fi connectivity, Photo printing with no boarders using smart phone and many more features.

Smartphone Borderless Photo Printing

One of the notable characteristics of this printer is its capacity to print borderless photographs via smartphone access. This printer can print borderless photographs up to 4R in size.

Copying a Smartphone

Another new feature is the ability to easily duplicate your document or photo with your smartphone using the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app.

Direct Wireless Connection with One Touch

This printer is particularly effective in terms of connectivity because it is totally wireless and can quickly connect to your smartphone. Read here to learn how can you connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi


  • It offers a one-touch operation and a wireless direct connection.
  • Prints both papers and photographs from cellphones using the software.
  • It works with paper, envelopes, labels, cardstock, and postcards.
  • It includes a Windows, MAC, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print sales bundle.
  • It weighs around 2.9 kg.
  • It employs inkjet printing technology, allows color printing, and is available in both wireless and USB configurations.
  • For optimal results, use the ink within 6 months.

While using, I find it is too slow and it has small ink capacity which last for 7 days. Sometimes we face paper jam issue and unresponsive to print command. However, I reset it and it was fixed. The process to reset Canon TS307 was much similar to resetting Canon TS207


The Canon PIXMA TS307 demonstrates that the manufacturer never sacrifices quality. With its technology and price range, this is a good option for consumers looking for low-cost printers.

This is likely to be selected by school and college students for projects and reports. This printer is a winner since the firm created it specifically to serve small and home companies.

This printer is a winner since the makers built it to serve small and home companies. However, nothing is without flaws, and the problem with this printer is that the running costs are significantly greater because the refill ink appears to be expensive and has small ink capacity. Also, It’s slow.

As a result, this is advised for persons who are happy with spending such fees and cannot be compelled to serve price-conscious consumers. The adoption of the app technique appears to be an extra benefit. The product has a grade of roughly 3.6 – 4.0, indicating that it is of medium to high quality. We hope that the above information gave you a better picture of the canon Pixma TS307 printer.