When Your Canon TS9150 Printer is not responding

Printer problems can be frustrating. One of the most frustrating problems is when you have a Canon TS9150 printer that is not responding and you have tried turning it off and on, looking for an answer on Google, and you are still getting nowhere. This blog will walk you through a few basic troubleshooting steps that you can try to get your printer back up and running.

If your printer is in warranty. Check here. Then I’ll recommend you to get it to nearby service center of Canon.

Reasons why your Canon TS9150 printer not working

1. It might be the usage of the wrong printer driver.

2. You must have give multiple print commands at same time

3. Possibly, Your PC has virus.

Another reason when your Canon TS9150 printer is not responding

When a new canon printer has been installed there might be connectivity issues like the setup with the network router , access points or the printer configurations. For such kind of difficulties you need to :

a.     Select wireless LAN setup connection by clicking on SETUP  button.

b.     Then press EASY SET Up

c.     Select the Access point and enter the password then click OK.

d.   Allow the Canon to set up media and install the Canon software by Easy Install which helps to locate printers in your system.


There are few points which need to be considered while using printer:

a.     Check the cable connection whether it is securely connected or not.

b.     Is the printer actually turned on and ready to be used?

c.     Make sure that the USB port is functional while using.

How to fix  when the Canon Printer TS9150 is not responding to issues?

It’s quite simple to address this issue when you are installing your printer which includes wired connection choose the right cable which is apt both for computer port and printer as well. Generally Etherent cable is used in Networked printers.

The cable should be of good quality and follow all the steps for completing the installation process for better performance.

So that your  printer works efficiently and the wireless router or access point are aligned. After this process printing can be done.

Other Issues with Canon Printer Not Responding

Using printers to print with wireless connectivity simplifies the tasks and set up mode as well as interface issues, but sometimes we may face some issues like the “Canon Printer Not Responding” error.

Few steps to resolve this problem:

  •  In order to  resume any lost connections in wireless devices, it is good to restart your computer.
  • Switch off and then turn on the printer which will allow the access point or the wireless router to restart.
  •  Sometimes the printer is not aligned with the correct port  in that case check printer configuration.
  •   Select Devices and Printers  by using the Key “dev” in the Windows search box,
  •   Double-click your Canon printer device, then click on Printer, and go to Properties
  •  At this stage you can tap your Canon printer configuration.
  •  The location of the printer, such as  IP address can be shown on General option
  •   Port command gives the details of your IP address, including type of port, where you can update the information of the printer.
  •  Once you are through with  all settings and configurations for your printer which are correct, if you’re still getting errors, then it is required  to check your system for current software status.
When Your Canon TS9150 Printer is not responding

Canon TS9150 is a good printer but TS8250 is also a similar and way cheaper than TS9150. They both have same functionality with same specifications except ethernet port. I’ve experienced this same issue with Canon TS8250 too. However, You can fix them easily with the method I’ve explained above.

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