How to connect Canon PIXMA G3000 to Wi-Fi

Canon’s PIXMA printers have been popular options for home and small office use for a long time now. However, sometimes setting up these printers can be difficult. This guide will help you to connect your canon printer to your own Wi-Fi network. This can help save you money and provide you with more control over your printer. Here is how to connect Canon Pixma G3000 to Wi-Fi.

A step by step guide by printcrit.

First, make sure your printer is turned on and connected to your computer.

  1. Switch on the power button of the printer.
  2. The flashlight in the printer gets the double flash. 
  3. Press the ‘stop’ button and hold it until the light flashes again.
  4. Now release the stop button as soon as the light flashes again.
  5. Then wait for at least 5 minutes till the Wi-Fi light starts flashing.
  6. In the next step, Connect the Printer with the Computer.  
  7. Establish the proper wireless network connection.

To ensure the Wi-Fi set up has been done properly, start the printing process.

  1. Load some A4 size paper in the paper tray 
  2. Slide the paper guide back again towards the side of the papers to give them proper support.
  3. Now, open the output tray gently.
  4. Now set up the command for the printing process
  5. If the printing command is functional from the computer that means the Printer wireless setup is securely done.

All the  steps will help you to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi  easily but be very careful while handling the machine otherwise it may reveal some errors 

Preventive Measures For Setup Of Canon Printer G3000 Wirelessly

These are the following preventive measures while performing the canon Pixma g3000 Wi-Fi setup. These are:

  1. You must have an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection for the setup
  2. It is essential to connect the printer and the computer from the same Wi-Fi router.
  3. Make sure that your device configuration is compatible with that of the Printer.
  4. Always use a secure network with some strong passwords.
  5. Choose the correct option for the printer while setting up the connection.
  6. Check for the corresponding router functions, device configuration, security settings, and other configurations depending upon your device settings.
How to connect Canon Pixma G3000 to Wi-Fi

Why can’t my Canon printer connect to my Wi-Fi?

There might be several reasons for the Canon printer not being connected to Wi-Fi. To fix the problem, try updating the printer driver. If the problem persists, check for network problems, or try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer and drivers.

How to Connect Canon Wireless Printer to MAC

By following the steps outlined below you can set up a wireless canon printer in MAC

  • First, turn on your Mac device and Canon printer
  • Then, connect the Canon printer to the wireless network following the steps discussed in the first paragraph of this writing.
  • Then, go to to download the driver. Now complete the driver installation process.
  • Then, click on the Apple menu> Click System & Preferences.
  • On the next info, screen select the ‘Printer and Scanner’ option
  • After that, you have to click + Sign in to add a printer.
  • Now in the popup window, select your Canon printer and click on “add”.
  • Once your printer has been added, you can see the printer name on the left side of your screen.
  • Finally, your Canon wireless printer successfully connected to Mac
How to connect Canon PIXMA G3000 to Wi-Fi


This guide helped more than 20 people to connect their printer with wifi. I receive 2 message everyday. It feels good to see that my guide helps people but If you still face any issue. Please take your printer to nearby service center for easy and fast solution. You can check warranty here. If your printer is still in warranty. You good to go.

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