How to connect WiFi with Canon G6070

I’ve been working around with wireless printing and thought it might be helpful to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained. Here I will walk you through how to setup Canon PIXMA G6070 printer to connect with WiFi and print wirelessly. Check below step-by-step guide to connect WIFI with Canon G6070 easily.

You may use these steps to setup WiFi in Canon G6050, As both are the same models of Canon.


Step-by-Step guide to Connect WiFi with Canon G6070

1.In the tool symbols select Set Up 

2. Then press arrow to switch to device settings and then Ok 

3. Press arrow to go for LAN settings, again press OK 

4. Press OK if Wifi option seen 

5. Otherwise use arrow to find 

6. Next choose WiFi set up  and again OK

7.Go to Other Set up and press OK 

8. Now select Manual Set up and click OK 

9. Printer will communicate with the wifi which is in range 

10 Press Arrow to find your Wifi address and press Ok

11. Confirm your wifi address by clicking on OK 

12. Now you will be needing the Wifi password 

13. Press Ok for WPA/WP2 – PSK 

14. To enter the password you need to use the Setup button so that all the tabs can be used .

15. To confirm the first letter / number/ symbol press OK once you selected 

16. Proceed for the further letters to complete the password.

17. If you make any error use Reverse Arrow to rectify the mistake 

18. Keep pressing 1 arrow to get A key .

19. Once the password is formed , press and hold OK to enter the password

20.Printer will ask if you want to apply for the password 

21. Click Ok to <yes> to confirm or reverse arrow to re enter 

23. Press Ok when connected .

24. Then press the Copy Menu and the printer is ready to use .

Connecting G6070 printer to wifi using WPS

In these ways we can connect the canon printer G6070  with mobile and via WPS 

Here is a simple procedure for this set up :

1.For this setup you must have a wifi router or router app with WPS button 

2. Press Set  up tool button 

3. Press arrow right to find Device setting 

4. Press Ok 

5. Then press Arrow right to find LAN settings press Ok 

6. Go to Wifi set up and press Ok 

7. Choose WPS push button and OK 

8. Now go to your router app to activate the WPS 

9. After activating the WPS press Ok on your printer 

10. Printer will try to connect with your router now 

11. It might take some time depending on the connectivity 

12 After that printer will get connected to the Wifi 

13. Press Ok 

14. Then Arrow Reverse button to exit about three times

15 .Finally Press Copy Menu and printer is ready 


How to do mobile wifi setup with canon G6070 

  1. Go to set up menu
  2. Select Device Setting
  3. Select Lan Setting 
  4. Select switch  WL direct 
  5. Select Enable Yes and press Ok 
  6. Select now Security protocol
  7. Press ok when selected 
  8. Now showing Password  to enter
  9. Wifi  option on your mobile 
  10. Enter the wifi printer password 

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