Canon PIXMA TS207 Printer TESTED 2023 – Best affordable?

We live in a highly sophisticated world where people’s needs and wants never run out of options. With all things digital and done over the net the need and use of a compact printer like Canon PIXMA TS207 that prints high-quality pictures and texts both in color and black & white have also found its place in the minds of the working men, women, school and college students alike. 


Every work done from home needs to be documented by the personnel to keep records for safety and as such school and college students have also found the need for printers in their lives with the never-ending assignments and project works.

A home use printer shouldn’t be any less to an office use printer as the level of work expected from it is the same and equivalent to office use or business use printer. The one distinguishing factor that separates these two is the compatibility of the printer to fit in a house and the number of prints done per minute. Therefore, in this article, we will be looking into one such printer that is the best option for home as well as office use. This printer is non-other than the Canon TS207. Keep reading more about this printer from the information down below.


  • Print quality is amazing
  • Cartridges are inexpensive.
  • A printer that is long-lasting


  • Slow Print
  • Only 150 Prints/Month

This printer is a small and attractive print-only or single-function printer that also allows customers to print borderless photos. This printer’s performance is such that it delivers high-quality printing on low-cost yet high-quality ink cartridges. The printer is constructed with a scratch-resistant surface in order to limit or prevent damage to the printer’s real body. This Stylish, Compact Printer with Low-Cost Cartridges is best suited for Home/Small Office use on an infrequent basis when print requirements do not exceed 150 prints per month.

You can check the upgraded model of TS series, Canon TS307 which is far better than TS207.

Canon PIXMA TS207 Single Function Inkjet

  • Stylish & Compact
  • Low-Cost Cartridge
  • Scratch & Fingerprint resistant
  • Best Affordable Printer

When TS207 printers Setup is completed, it operates in such a manner that, in addition to the typical printing operations, users may print images on glossy paper, among other valuable features and functionality.


Unlike other higher-end printers and printers in general, all share the same features as their core element. Aside from those aspects, any extra or added features that a printer is considered to have are the distinguishing factor of such a printer. The Canon TS207, unlike other multipurpose printers, is a single-function printer with less functionality than others. This printer may be best suited for people searching for a simple single-function printer for home-usage. As a result, this printer can perform the following tasks

Borderless Photo Printing 

Despite being a single-function printer, it has an exceptional borderless picture printing capability that allows one to print borderless photos effortlessly and effectively.

Each borderless printing takes only approximately 65 seconds to complete. This type of borderless color print is helpful for affixing wall posters to walls and doors for decorating, and it is also utilized on the first impression page of presentation materials.


This printer’s compact form saves room and assists in portability, making it simple to fit practically anyplace, such as a desktop, shelves, and so on. This printer’s grid-textured surface material protects it from fingerprints and scratches.

Ink-Jet Technology

The Canon Pixma TS207 is an inkjet printer that uses advanced inkjet technology to produce high-quality printouts every time you print. These High-Quality prints make a favorable impression on others while presenting in meetings or interviews, and it is also suitable for home use printing since it produces high-quality prints in both time and cost-effective way.

Printing in black/color:

Canon ts207 printer, like other printers, has the primary role of allowing consumers to use both black and color high-quality prints for their intended purpose. However, it is crucial to remember that as a general check before printing, one should ensure whatever color choice is selected to print in order to acquire the proper color print out and thus save ink waste.

Cartridges at a Low Cost

Another noteworthy characteristic of the Canon Pixma TS207 printer is the availability of low-cost ink cartridges that deliver high-quality photo and image printing. Even though this printer lacks other appealing features, it does provide high-quality printouts with low-cost ink cartridges and is best suited for home-usage.

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  • Printing Method – Inkjet Type 
  • Type – Single function
  • USB support – Available
  • Standby power usage – 1.2 Watt
  • Color and black-and-white printing output
  • Product Measurements (W,D,H) –  480 x 370 x 100 mm
  • The printer weighs 2.5 kg.
  • Warranty of 1 year
  • Printing speeds for black-and-white prints are 8 pages per minute and 4 pages per minute for color prints.
  • Borderless photo printing is very much available.
  • A long-lasting substance that resists fingerprints and scratches.
  • Prints of high quality at a moderate cost per print.
  • USB connectivity for printing with suitable devices such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and so on.

Why Should You Purchase?

  1.  If you’re searching for a low-cost printer for home use that can handle all of your printing demands, then this Canon printer is the finest option for you.
  2. It is best suited for light printer user who needs not more than 150 prints each month, this would be a good choice for you.
  3. This inkjet printer accepts a variety of paper sizes for a variety of printing needs.
  4. The Quiet Mode function allows the printer to print documents with less noise.
  5. This product has a higher average user rating of 4/5 across all online selling platforms.

Canon printers are one of the best options for home and small office users. They are reliable, have a low cost of ownership, and can print high-quality documents. However, like any other piece of technology, they can experience problems from time to time. One such problem is not being able to print documents due to a paper jam or another issue. If this happens, you’ll need to reset Canon PIXMA TS207 printer in order for it to work properly again.


The printer is an excellent choice for home usage since it has all of the capabilities that are necessary and anticipated from a printer. Although this is merely a single-function printer, it may appeal to clients who do not require more from a printer. It is slow but most affordable printer. As a result, we hope that the preceding information regarding the Canon PIXMA TS207 printer has covered all of the major points, assuaged all of your concerns, and enabled you to reconsider purchasing this printer as your home use printer.

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