Canon PIXMA G5070 Review 2022


The Canon PIXMA G5070 is a simple, cost-effective ink tank printer that is designed for home and small office use. It is an all-in-one printer, scanner and copier, and can print, scan and copy.

Print is said to be the blood of journalism, the soul of advertising, the fuel for education, and undoubtedly, the canvas for artistry. That is, not all, or even a quarter, of what value print holds in our day-to-day lives today. Everywhere our eyes go, from massive bulletins to small posters and the same books we read for schools and colleges, all have been possible to be generated by the power of print.

Canon G3060 was a better printer for home but after the launch of Canon PIXMA G5070 it so popular that canon stop manufacturing G3060 series. G3060 is an upgraded version of PIXMA G3020 which was launched in 2021.

And the power of print, without a doubt, lies with the printer. Hence, a printer is quintessential for people in today’s day and date. Today we’ll see Canon PIXMA G5070 review which is like the best printer in the market.


  • Efficient Ink Usability
  • Duplex printing available
  • Increased paper input


  • Hard to repair
  • Heat problems
  • Paper Jam issues

Printers have to work hard but consume less and prove their efficiency by creating thousands of pages’ worth of colours, diagrams, and textual information daily. Every product in the printer market cannot indeed check all the boxes, but Canon Pixma G5070 surely can!

Canon has always been a company whose products have stood the tests of time, and yet, every new release takes us many years to the future. Under their Pixma range of inkjet printing machines, model G5070 proves to be one investment that genuinely results in much more return than we expect. Its chassis is designed to take papers from both sides, making it quite the heavy-duty product as well! All that while consuming anything barely, either in power, or in money, or even in time! So, let us move towards its features to find out what makes this printer so utility-driven!

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Canon PIXMA G5070

Canon Pixma G5070
  • Fast Printing
  • Multi Language
  • Heavy-Duty Printing
  • Grain-Free


Speedy Printing output

With an impressive 13.0 images per minute in black and white ink and 6.8 images per minute in coloured ink for printing operations upon a standard A4 sheet of paper, the printer proves its excellent speed and efficiency for carrying out multiple prints.

Connectivity abound

The Pixma G5070 has several options for connectivity for carrying out printing functions from various devices other than the usual desktops or laptops. Other than the USB 2.0 connections, the printer can be connected to Windows 10 mobiles, Google Cloud, Android, or iOS using a variety of software freely available for establishing connectivity like Mopria and SELPHY.

Learn to connect Wi-Fi in Canon G7050

Operate in your language

The printer can be operated in 32 different languages spoken around the world – from European ones like Spanish, Slovene, Dutch or Croatian and Asian ones like Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Chinese; making the printer a trans-national product, freely usable anywhere in the world.

Heavy-Duty printing possible

With its exceptionally high value of Duty Cycle at an astonishing 5000 pages printable in a month, the printer is easily one of the best choices for regular heavy-duty printing work in the market in its range.

Quiet at work

Unlike most printers, this one has an acoustic noise level of a mere 50.5 dB, and it can be further reduced when the “Quiet Mode” of the printer is used for its operations, making the printer quiet and peaceful to work with.

Light consumption of power

The printer consumes little in terms of power, especially when compared to various other electronic appliances. With just 0.2 kWh of consumption, the printer is so light that its users won’t notice the monthly electricity bill significantly.

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LCD Display

Its 2-line display with LCD technology makes navigating through the various functions, operations, features, and printing methods with the printer effortless and convenient to understand even for a layman with no prior experience with a printing machine.


The printer, with its ability to print without borders and upon papers of different sizes, including glossy photographic sheets of paper with high-quality inking and its speed of printing a full-sized photograph, which is a mere 37 seconds, makes it highly useful for photograph printing.

Grain-free printing

The printer has a reasonably high value of maximum resolution of printing. It stands around 4800 x 1200 dpi, making its prints look fine with little to no grain, giving it a look that may easily rival professional-grade print works.


Canon Pixma G5070 is a printer with several features and an even more significant number of opportunities for executing the task of printing in a lot of creative and innovative ways. It has some highlights which are mentioned herewith that make it highly recommendable: –

  1. The printer has an extremely low self-noise level which makes it highly convenient to work even for late-night work at home without disturbing the sleep of the rest of the family members.
  2. With a staggering 1792 ink spraying slots and nozzles, the printed results leave no detail behind and give professional quality work at half the cost, or even lesser.
  3. The printer’s Economy mode ensures the ink is used up to 38% less than its original usage without affecting the quality majorly.
  4. The printer’s wireless connectivity makes the printing process extraordinarily versatile and allows for a plethora of creative prints.


The Canon Pixma G5070 is undoubtedly a great product to have. However, it does have a few shortcomings which you may need to deal with upon a purchase: –

  1. Ink levels are showcased differently on different platforms, making it slightly confusing to know when to refill.
  2. The printer may overheat quickly, especially on some days when the weather is slightly hotter or is more humid than usual, in monsoon months, for example. It would affect its durability and performance temporarily.
  3. The printer ink has a shelf-life of 6-months, post which it may dry out or result in the slight denigration of print quality.
  4. With a weight of 7.3-kilograms, the printer is slightly challenging to re-position if needed.
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Canon Pixma G5070 carries with it a panorama of features, innovations, and opportunities while making sure it is still usable by even the most inexperienced users of printing equipment. It intakes double the amount of papers than most printers in its range, and even within the PIXMA range, it stands out with its immense efficiency in carrying out heavy-duty printing work. Canon Pixma G5070 has vast potential in the world of cinema, journalism, arts-and-crafts, advertising, and several other platforms which require high-quality print work while incurring the lowest of costs. The printer is effectively a one-stop shop for various tasks that it provides within a single chassis. It is undoubtedly a versatile and highly durable product worthy of an investment, which would last a long time ahead.

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