How to connect Canon G1010 to Wi-Fi?

Canon G1010 is a wireless all-in-one printer that can be easily connected to Wi-Fi. Follow the step-by-step guide below to connect your Canon G1010 printer to Wi-Fi.

First we’ll setup the printer. In order to setup we’ll install Printer driver –

• First you need to switch  off the printer.

• Click here to download and begin to install.

• Follow the instructions displayed on the screen  to  install the printer driver. .

• Click Complete once the installation is  complete .

How to connect Canon G1010 to Wi-Fi with Mac 

 1. Firstly , establish a connection between Mac and Wi-Fi router .

2. In case if you are not having a Wi-Fi router then turn on Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi option on the Mac.

3.  For  more details , you can  refer to the instruction manual provided with  your gadget or wireless router.

4.  The options  displayed may vary depending on your gadget 

5. Make sure that  the printer is on.

6 .Now  start the application.

7. Initially the  license screen appears on the screen.

8.. After that  click on Yes, and follow the instructions on the screen  simultaneously to get the printer connected with the network. 

9. After establishing the network connection take the next step.

10 . Follow up with the next step

11. Tap at the top left of the screen  to register the printer .

12. The registration of the  printer begins.

13. Recognizing the printer may take some time.

14. Make sure that the printer is connected with the same wifi connection as  that of your gadget  so that  the printer can be detected easily .

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15. Select the name of the  printer on your screen .

16. The Wi-Fi set up of the printer is complete if  your printer appears at the top of the screen.

 In case if your printer is not available on the screen take the following steps :

  1. Repeat the first step to tap the printer on the screen.
  2. Follow up with the instructions when it appears on the screen to connect the printer.
  3. Once the network connection is complete 
  4. Go to the default connection 
  5. Now press a number.
  6.  Establish  the connection to the printer.
  7. Refer to the  instruction manual again to set up the connection.
  8. Make sure you have the printer fixed. check box.
  9.  Then  follow up the on-screen instructions for the connectivity 
  10. Again check that your printer name  appears at the top of the screen.
  11. The set up is complete once the name of the printer appears on the top.

How to  connect Canon G1010 to Windows PC & Laptop

1. First go the  start menu

2. Select the  Control Panel 

3.  Then go for the   Printer and Other Hardware options 

4.  Printers and Faxes option will get displayed 

5.  Add Printer. 

6. After that  click next once the option of the printer appears on the screen

7. After that  select Network Printer

9. Click ok  to connect.


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